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Back to school can mean back to test anxiety


It’s that time of year again when students are heading back to school and for many of them that means heading back to feeling anxious when they have to take a test.  Test anxiety can bother anyone from the smartest kid in the class to the students who need a little extra help.  Test anxiety has nothing to do with how smart you are, it has to do with what programs your subconscious mind is running around taking a test.

For some of us, we have programs that were started because we had one bad experience with a test and now every time we face a test that program with the bad experience runs and we continue to have a bad experience, even if we know the information and we are ready for the test.  It’s a case of self sabotage, we create what we expect subconsciously.  Some of us have programs running that tell us we aren’t smart enough or good enough.  Often these programs were implanted by people who didn’t realize the impact their words could have.  Once a program starts to run in your subconscious mind, it’s very hard to stop it using just our conscious mind.

The best way to deal with these unwanted thoughts, feelings and beliefs, these negative programs is to work with our subconscious mind directly.  There are many different techniques that you can use to remove the negative programs and insert more positive programs that actually help you!

As a clinically certified hypnotherapist I can help you navigate these different techniques and get rid of test anxiety for good!  Imagine how good it will feel to be able to take a test feeling calm and confident!  No matter how anxious a test makes you now, you can feel this way and it’s easier than you think!  Even small children can use hypnosis and other techniques to release anxiety.

Call me today to find out more and never dread a test again!