Mindset/Performance Coaching

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With Transformative Performance Coaching for Peak Success

  • Reduced Anxiety.
  • Increased Confidence.
  • Peak Performance.

Specializing in:

  • ACTORS: Coaching for actors, including performance anxiety and how to create genuine emotions and realistic reactions using your subconscious mind.

  • BUSINESS: Business and entrepreneurial coaching.

  • MINDSET: Mindset coaching.

  • TESTING & PROFICIENCY: Performance boosting visualization for testing and professional proficiency checks. 

  • ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Performance enhancing visualization for golfers and other athletes.

  • PUBLIC SPEAKING: Coaching to reduce anxiety and boost confidence while speaking in public.

  • STRESS AND ANXIETY MANAGEMENT: Techniques to help you manage stress and anxiety both personally and professionally.

  • SELF-ESTEEM AND CONFIDENCE: Learn how to improve self-esteem and become more confident.

I use performance boosting visualizations to help you overcome the stress and anxiety that many people face when they have to perform.  Using visualizations you can release stress and anxiety and allow yourself to perform calmly and with confidence.  Some examples of performance anxiety include actors with auditions and performances, pilots with check rides, students taking tests, law enforcement shooting range qualifying, and public speaking.

My mindset coaching sessions are designed to empower you to find your own answers to achieving whatever goals you have.  Performance/Mindset coaching helps you get clear about your goals, your challenges and will help you find the best way to achieve those goals and overcome those challenges using your own thoughts, ideas and strategies.

*If you are hesitant to enter into a hypnotic trance state, I have other techniques to help you.

*Please note I do not work with any sexual performance issues.


I offer both in person and remote sessions

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Mindset Coaching

In this session I guide you into finding your own answers and solutions to challenges you may have with mindset so that you can achieve maximum performance in all areas of your life!

Hypnotherapy Session

In this session I will help you access your subconscious programs so that you can change or remove limiting beliefs allowing you to create a life you love!.

30 Minute Coaching

This is a short coaching session aimed at helping you find clarity quickly. This is a short and sweet session perfect for confirmation on solutions you may have already considered.

Downloadable Meditations

I offer pre-recorded guided meditations and visualizations on a variety of topics.

Personalized MP3 Meditation/Visualization

I create and record guided meditations or visualizations that are personalized for you and address your specific goals. You download them and listen as often as you want!

I am often asked if I can make you bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken and my answer is: “only if you want to!” Hypnosis is very safe and effective and you will never be made to do anything that you don’t want to do. I can’t “make” you do anything, my role is to help you to help yourself. Your subconscious mind holds all of the answers and it’s my job to create an experience that allows you to find those answers for yourself, whether it’s using hypnotherapy techniques, NLP or coaching.

If you would like more information please call, text or email me for a complimentary 10 minute consultation.

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