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Hypnosis and Spiritual Gifts

Can hypnosis help you with your spiritual gifts? Yes! Our subconscious mind is the bridge between our Higher Self and our Physical self and when we work with our subconscious directly it is much easier for us to reach our Higher Self. Your Higher Self is the bridge between your physical reality and your soul. We all have gifts and the ability to tap into Universal knowledge and wisdom, some have just opened that pathway and allowed the connection to become strong and clear. If you want to gain clarity with your Spiritual Gifts than hypnosis can help you to get a stronger, clearer connection to your Higher Self and Divine wisdom. Using hypnosis you can let your conscious mind step aside and all that goes with it; the dis-belief, the doubt, the fear. Our conscious mind holds all of those things and keeps us from believing what we know in our hearts and our “gut” to be true. Our conscious mind convinces us that we can’t believe in anything if we can’t see, touch or hear it clearly, but our subconscious mind knows the truth, that there is a vast Universe out there that holds so much more than our physical senses can know! Our subconscious mind allows up to open up that connection and to trust what our “sixth” sense is telling us. We can “see”, “hear” and “feel” clearly when we are in a state of trance and once we have that trust in our abilities, that knowledge of what it feels like to see, feel, hear and know than it is much easier to tap into those feelings with our conscious mind engaged. In a hypnosis session you can work on being able to “see” information clearly through your third eye, or to “hear” messages with your soul instead of your ears. A hypnosis session can help you tap into that deep part of inner knowing, or intuition and allow you to trust it because you can “feel” it clearly and completely. The subconscious is truly the key to achieving your goals and the best way to work with your subconscious is with hypnosis! Call or email me to find out more about how hypnosis can help you on your Spiritual Journey! www.thoughtfulhealing.net [email protected]