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February, month of love

Love, this one thing can cause such great joy or such great sorrow. February can be one of the worst months for people if they are feeling unloved.  We just got through the holidays and now we have Valentine’s Day staring us in the face.  Unfortunately there are so many people that feel like if they don’t have a romantic relationship that they can’t celebrate love.  I say, start by loving yourself first!  Often times when we don’t love ourselves we attract a partner that will reflect this lack of self love right back to us.  I think it’s better to be alone than with a partner who doesn’t value you.  When you learn to love yourself first, than you will attract a partner who will love you as well.  Once you’ve found that self-love, you won’t settle for anything less!  This Valentine’s Day and every day for that matter, treat yourself with love.  Buy your own candy and flowers, treat yourself to a special dinner, love yourself the way you want to be loved!  If the thought of loving yourself seems hard or you just can’t find it in your heart to love yourself, I have a wonderful guided meditation that will help you find unconditional love for yourself.  It will unlock the door to this wonderful loving feeling and once you have found a strong sense of self-love, don’t be surprised if you attract the perfect romantic partner!  You can get this healing meditation at  https://thoughtfulhealing.net/product/unconditional-love-for-self/

Make this your first Valentine’s Day gift to yourself!

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